Black Rubber Setting Block - DGU's
Code : SB-2 28
Double glazed setting block made from PVC, their 28mm width is suited to most window pockets. Available in a selection of heights and also in 28mm x 12mm with a V groove to allow for drainage past the block. They are rated a a shore hardness of 85.

• SB-2 28/3 3mm x 28mm x 50mtr roll
• SB-2 28/6 6mm x 28mm x 30mtr roll
• SB-2 28/12 12mm x 28mm x 20mtr roll
• SB-2 28/15 15mm x 28mm x 20mtr roll
• SB-2 28/12V 12mm x 28mm x 20mtr with Drainage Grove
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