Self Tapping Screws
• A stock range of the more common self tapping screws in both Stainless Steel(S/S) and Zinc Plated(ZP).
• Price per 1000 quantities

GSF-SSPH625 6g x 25mm Screws S/S
GSF-SSPH825 8g x 25mm Screws S/S
GSF-SSCSK625 6g x 25mm Csk Screws S/S
GSP-SSCSK638 6g x 38mm Csk Screws S/S
GSF-SSCSK832 8g x 32mm Csk Screws S/S
GSF-SSCSK838 8g x 38mm Csk Screws S/S
GSF-UCZP820 8g x 20mm Undercut Screws ZP
GSF-ZPPH625 6g x 25mm ST Screws ZP
GSF-ZPPH632 6g x 32mm ST Screws ZP
GSF-ZPPH820 8g x 20mm ST Screws ZP
GSF-ZPPH825 8g x 25mm ST Screws ZP
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